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Simple English Fluency Hack

Do you struggle when speaking English? Watch this blog to see how you can become a confident, fluent English speaker FAST with a simple “English Fluency Hack” Did you know that there is a simple English Fluency “hack” – a learning technique that is faster, easier and more powerful than traditional methods – that can help you…

Understand more spoken English in conversations, TV shows, movies and music…

Improve your pronunciation, and sound more like a native English speaker…
Build a huge vocabulary quickly…
Begin speaking more naturally, using appropriate words and phrases without hesitation…
Use correct grammar automatically, without translating in your head before you speak…
And dramatically improve your fluency and speaking confidence?
So… what is this incredible fluency hack?
It is learning phrasal verbs!
Phrasal verbs are the conversational forms of more complex verbs.
As an example, it is correct to say that you contract a sickness, but it is much more natural and conversational to say that you come down with a sickness.
Similarly, instead of saying that a company is going bankrupt, losing all of its money…
You’d say that a company is going under to sound more conversational and native.
A company that goes bankrupt is not physically going under anything. But bankruptcy can be compared with drowning – “going under” the surface of water – to express this frightening idea in a simple, clear way.
Learning complex verbs will help you understand written English.
But because phrasal verbs are such a big and important part of spoken English, you MUST study them to understand and enjoy English movies, TV shows, music and conversations.
If you want to understand native speakers – and sound more natural and conversational when you speak – you can begin mastering phrasal verbs today with a very special offer.
We’ve just released our new Visual Guide to Phrasal Verbs, a downloadable course of 16 video lessons that helps you master over 250 essential phrasal verbs!
This may sound like a lot, but I have made them all simple and automatic to learn with a unique, 3-step system.
You just need 15 minutes a day, and you DO NOT have to memorize anything!
Even if you spend only 5 minutes per day, your conversational English will improve a lot.
Of course, this program features bonus mp3 versions – and transcripts – of every video lesson, subtitles, a glossary, over 600 usages, more than 1000 examples, mini-stories and quizzes.
But the real value of the program is that you learn with an English Fluency Guide.
You can find lists of phrasal verbs anywhere…
But without an experienced English Fluency Guide, how will you know which ones to study?
Do you know the specific order in which to study phrasal verbs, and how to learn them as quickly as possible?
Phrasal verbs can be very confusing for English learners.
And many have multiple meanings that all seem very different.
But with me by your side, phrasal verbs become perfectly clear.
I answer your questions before you ask them, revealing why native speakers use one phrasal verb in a situation rather than another.
I also correct your mistakes before you make them, training you to use the right phrasal verb at the right time, every time.
And by the end of the program, you will have the key to mastering thousands of phrasal verbs all by yourself.

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