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English & Bengali Proverbs – Part 14

একই গোয়ালের গরু। 
Birds of the same feather.

চোরে চোরে মাসতুত ভাই। 
Birds of the same feather flock together.

কয়লা ধুলে ময়লা যায় না । 
Black will take no other hue .
An Ethiopian will never change his skin; one cannot change his nature; the leopard cannot change its spots.

দাঁত থাকতে দাঁতের মর্যাদা জানে না। 
Blessings are not valued till they are gone.
Men are always neglectful to their blessings.

রক্তের টান বড় টান। 
Blood is thicker than water.
The tie of kindred is real.

গোবরে পদ্মফুল। 
Blossoms in the dust or Musk in a kennel.

দূরের জিনিস ভালো মনে হয় । 
Blue are the hills that are far from us .
Distance lends enchantment to the view, grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter.

দুধ কলা দিয়ে সাপ পোষা। 
Breed up a crow, and it will pluck your eyes.

মানিকের খানিক ভালো । 
Brevity is the soul of wit .
A few qualified things are preferable to a lot of unqualified things.

আঁধার ঘরের মানিক। 
Bright gem in a dark cave.

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