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A Short Composition about My Homeland

A Short Composition of My Homeland   The name of our country is Bangladesh. It is situated in the south Asia. Its land area is 147570 square kilometres with a large number of populations. It became independence on 16th December 1971 from Pakistan. Dhaka is the capital of this country.   …

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A Short Composition on ‘Jute’

A Short Composition on ‘Jute’   Jute is a kind of fiber which is obtained from the bark of a plant called jute plants. It grows from six to twelve feet high and it is our main cash crop.           Jute grows Low and plain land. Bangladesh …

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A Composition on My Native Village

A Short Composition on My Native Village  The name of my village is Rasulpur. It is a large and famous village. It is about two miles long and one mile wide. It is in the district of Mymensingh under Gafargaon Upazila. It is the biggest village of our upazila. It …

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Composition about A Cleaner

A composition about A Cleaner  A man who collects rubbish everyday from our area is called rubbish collector or a cleaner. Generally, he has fresh mind and he works for the benefit of our society.      He cleans our environment and always likes his work. He respects the work. …

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A Composition about a Fire Fighter

A Composition about a Fire Fighter The man who puts out fires from any fire occurrence is called fire fighter. Generally, the fire fighters are the first responder and the first emergency person at traffic accident or any kind of fire accident.      Fire fighters are the most valuable contributor …

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A composition on my first day at school.

A short composition on my first day at school. My first day at school was a memorable day for me. The day still remains fresh in my mind. I was then 7 years old. At a night, my father told me that he would take me to school. I felt …

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Write a composition on The Rainy Season

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. The rainy season is one of them. It comes after summer. Ashar and Shravan are the months of Rainy season. During the rainy season, the sky is cloudy. Sometimes the sun is not seen. During the rainy season, it rains cats and dogs. So …

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Composition for Class Seven (VII)

Here are some composition summarized in NCTB format:   1. Your Hobby 2. The Wonders of Modern Science 3. A Village Fair 4. Population Problem of Bangladesh 5. A journey by boat 6. The Season You Like Most 7. Floods in Bangladesh 8. A Journey you have recently enjoyed. 9. …

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Composition for Class Eight(viii)/JSC Students

Here We are arranged some Composition for Class Eight(viii)/JSC Students: 1. Your Favorite Hobby 2. Benefits of Reading Newspaper 3. Your Future Plan of Life/Aim in Life 4. A Journey by Boat 5. A Journey by Train 6. Physical Exercise Necessity of Physical Exercise 7. Duties of a Student/Life 8. Your …

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Composition Index for SSC Students


Here are some Composition for SSC Students. 1. Your Future Plan. 2. Childhood Memories. 3. Computer in everyday life. 4. Flood in Bangladesh. 5. Wonders of modern science 6. The season you like most. 7. Population Problem of Bangladesh. 8. A Journey by Boat 9. Internet-its uses & abuses 10. …

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