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Bangla to English Translations

তুমি কি বইখানা পড়ে শেষ করেছ – Have you finished reading the book সে কেবল ঘুমাত আর কেছুই করত না – He did nothing but sleep সে আমার কাছ থেকে বিদায় নিল – He took leave of me সে আড়াইটার গাড়িতে গিয়েছিল – He went by the 2:30 train আমি …

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Animal Voices

কাক ডাকছে – The crow caws. গরু ডাকছে – The cow lows. গাধা ডাকছে – The ass brays. ঘোড়া ডাকছে – The horse neighs. ছাঘল ডাকছে – The goat bleats. নেকড়ে ডাকছে – The wolf howls. পায়রা ডাকছে – The pigeon coos. পেঁচা ডাকছে – The wolf hoots. বাঘ ডাকছে …

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Common errors in translation (part 2)

Errors in verb আমার কথা শোন – Listen to me. (hear নয়) এই পেনসিলটা কাট – Please sharpen this pencil. (mend নয়) চাঁদের দিকে তাকাও – Look at the moon. (see নয়) আমি তাকে চোর বলে জানি – I knew him to be a thief. (to be বাদ হবে না) তিনি আমাকে অপেক্ষা করতে বললেন – He told me …

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Common errors in translation (part 1)

Errors in Nouns আমাকে একটু জায়াগা দিন তো – Please make a little room for me. (place নয়) আমার একটি জরুরি কাজ আছে – I have an urgent piece of business.(an urgent business নয়) আমার চুল কোঁকড়ানো – I have curly hair.(hairs নয়) আমার ধন্যবাদ গ্রহণ করুন – Please accept my thanks. (thank নয়) আমি …

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SSC Result 2019 Publish Date All Education Board of Bangladesh

SSC Result 2019 Published Date is very important for the students who sit for the SSC, Dakhil, and Vocational Examination in 2019.  In Bangladesh secondary school certificate exam is very significant for every students. Because students are studying very hard to get a good result in this board examination. Previously …

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How to Check Voter ID Card Online in Bangladesh 2019

How to Check Voter Id Card Online In Bangladesh. There are many who still did not get the National Identity Card. Even if you do not get the Smart ID Card, you can get your necessary works done after collecting it from online. Today we are going to guide you …

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Hi, fellas! Here are some tips for better public speaking skill. Check them out! 1. Define the purpose of your speaking, whether you want to inform, inspire, or persuade your audience. Knowing your ultimate purpose will help you stay focused on the preparation process. 7 Work-Related Idioms Makes You Hero 15 …

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7 Work-Related Idioms Makes You Hero

A Twitter-based English learning portal. We help you learn English better, faster and for free! Start/get the ball rolling. Meaning: to take the first step to begin a process. Example: This February, we’ll start the ball rolling on the new project. The line of work. Meaning: job field; type of work.  Example: …

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5 reasons why your should learn a new language

It’s time to pick your A-Levels. But which ones? Well, without a doubt, you should learn a new language. Consider, for instance, Spanish. Spoken in over twenty countries, it’s the second most common worldwide. You can explore the Hispanic culture easily and cheaply in Spain or, for a bigger adventure, in faraway …

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