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Hi, fellas! Here are some tips for better public speaking skill. Check them out! 1. Define the purpose of your speaking, whether you want to inform, inspire, or persuade your audience. Knowing your ultimate purpose will help you stay focused on the preparation process. 7 Work-Related Idioms Makes You Hero 15 …

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7 Work-Related Idioms Makes You Hero

A Twitter-based English learning portal. We help you learn English better, faster and for free! Start/get the ball rolling. Meaning: to take the first step to begin a process. Example: This February, we’ll start the ball rolling on the new project. The line of work. Meaning: job field; type of work.  Example: …

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5 reasons why your should learn a new language

It’s time to pick your A-Levels. But which ones? Well, without a doubt, you should learn a new language. Consider, for instance, Spanish. Spoken in over twenty countries, it’s the second most common worldwide. You can explore the Hispanic culture easily and cheaply in Spain or, for a bigger adventure, in faraway …

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50 Most Common Food Expressions Sayings

Almost every language uses food to describe different situations or ideas. The English language is full of them, like butter on bread, (a comparison that means very often). The following list has some of the most commonly heard expressions with food references. 1. A bad egg Used to describe a …

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