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Simple English Fluency Hack

Do you struggle when speaking English? Watch this blog to see how you can become a confident, fluent English speaker FAST with a simple “English Fluency Hack” Did you know that there is a simple English Fluency “hack” – a learning technique that is faster, easier and more powerful than …

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10 Words With Difficult-to-Remember Meanings

Sometimes there are words that you’ve seen, read, and maybe even used in conversation whose meaning you can never keep straight. Even after looking it up, the right definition doesn’t stick. From our friends at Vocabulary, here are 10 words with definitions that can be difficult to remember. Some look …

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12 Different Ways to Say ‘Doughnut’ Across the U.S.A

On National Doughnut Day, the holiest of high fat holidays (hole-y, get it?), we celebrate the delicious pastry, from the plain to the just plain crazy. Not only can you get your grubby hands on free doughnuts today, you’re getting a bunch of regional doughnut lingo right here. With the …

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Why Americans Are So Bloody Awful at British Accents??

If British actors’ American accents are “bang on,” why are Americans’ British accents such rubbish? Bridget Jones’s Baby opens this week, its trailers blanketing televisions at gyms across this great land. (I assume that the only time anyone watches an actual commercial on an actual television these days is at the …

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One thing Americans always get wrong

I’M ENGLISH AND THERE’S ONE THING AMERICANS ALWAYS GET WRONG ABOUT BRITISH PEOPLE THAT REALLY WORKS TO MY  Only two per cent of people living in UK speak in received pronunciation, despite many Anglophiles believing otherwise  There are plenty of American stereotypes of what it’s like to be British. Some of them are true …

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Six Differences Between British and American English

There is an old saying that America and Britain are “two nations divided by a common language.” No one knows exactly who said this, but it reflects the way many Brits feel about American English. My British friend still tells me, “You don’t speak English. You speak American.” But are …

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Why is English Grammar so hard to learn?

It’s often said that English is one of the hardest languages to learn. In fact, how hard it is to learn depends on what your native language is; and this follows as languages are more (or less) closely related to one another; if your mother tongue is more similar, in …

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The Most Common Grammar Gaffes Writers Make and How To Avoid Them)

Here are the ten gaffes I’ve come across most often and how to avoid them. Omitting the serial comma A serial comma (or Oxford comma, as they say across the pond) prevents confusion when you are listing several items. For example, “…highlights of his [Peter Ustinov’s] global tour include encounters …

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10 Grammar Mistakes People Love To Correct (That Aren’t Actually Wrong)

Are you the sort of person who just loves correcting other people’s grammar? Are you sure that you’re doing it right? Some things that people have been taught are rules of English grammar are really no rules at all—and some of them are flat-out wrong. There’s actually a word for …

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14 Common Grammatical Mistakes in English – And How to Avoid Them

1. Misplaced apostrophes Apostrophes aren’t difficult to use once you know how, but putting them in the wrong place is one of the most common grammar mistakes in the English language. Many people use an apostrophe to form the plural of a word, particularly if the word in question ends …

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